Compound Dc Motor Wiring Diagram

Compound Dc Motor Wiring Diagram - span class news dt mar 23 2019 span nbsp 0183 32 a pound wound dc motor also known as a dc pound motor is a type of self excited motor and is made up of both series the field coils s 1 s 2 and shunt field coils f 1 f 2 connected to the armature winding as shown in the figure below what diagram is used to properly wire a dc pound motor for reversing wiring diagram in a dc pound motor the series and shunt field relationship to the armature must be what diagram is used to properly wire a dc permanent mag motor for reversing wiring diagram connect dc pound motors block diagram of electronic speed control for dc motor current sense cemf feedback speed regulation disconnect the armature wire at the motor close the line switch and place the starter on the first contact point open the line switch slowly types of dc motor a direct current motor dc is named according to the connection of the field.
winding with the armature mainly there are two types of dc motors first one is separately excited dc motor and self excited dc motor the self excited motors are further classified as shunt wound or shunt motor series wound or series motor and pound wound or pound motor span class news dt dec 17 2016 span nbsp 0183 32 this video will walk you through the connections for a shunt dc motor and demonstrate how it runs without a physical load connected to the shaft of the motor start studying reversing motor chapter 15 learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools reversal of a dc pound motor is ac plished by reversing the connections is wiring in which each ponent in a circuit is connected wired directly to the next ponent as specified on the wiring and dc motor control circuits worksheet topics dc motor control circuits describe what a pound wound dc electric.
motor is giving it a hybrid operating characteristic notes ask your students to draw the schematic diagram of a pound dc motor showing both field winding sets also ask them if there is any substantial difference

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